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            Aolian enterprise:Huayi Lianchuang + OSI graphic + Nachuan advertising
            They're all searching: Industrial model 、Sand table model、 Digital model
            Corporate image
            Contact information

            Shanghai Aolian Digital Technology Co., Ltd

            Address: J, building 1, No. 2222, Huancheng Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

            Tel: 13391396054

            Chengdu xinhongyi Exhibition Co., Ltd

            Address: Zichen • Xiangsong phase III, Jinniu District, Chengdu

            Tel: 13981928700

            Shandong xinhongyi Exhibition Co., Ltd

            Address: No. 286, Nanliu Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao

            Tel: 13167286983

            Weifang Huayi Lianchuang Model Co., Ltd

            Address: Geographic Information Industrial Park, Fangzi District, Weifang City

            Tel: 13167268392

            Technical informationCurrent location:Home > Corporate image > Technical information

            The main model is mainly made of materials (Architecture)

            Time:2017-1-11 21:58:27   Author: Click: second
            Material name  Place of Origin  purpose  features  
            Acrylic engineering plastics  Japan  Integral buildingStrong deformation resistance and good transparency
            Quelinglong glass Austria  Building glass wall  Mirror texture  
            ICI paintbritain  Building surface color Non fading, easy to clean, good gloss 
            Metallic paintShanghai  Architectural metal detail color  Enhance the metal texture of architectural detail
            Masking paint thinnerbritain  Paint thinner  
            502 adhesive  BeijingBonding building components Firm and tight, it is the preferred adhesive for engineering plastics
            Uhu glueGermany Bonded special member  Firm and tight  
            Chloroform (chloroform)Shanghai  Bonded plexiglassFirm, tight and traceless  
            LED light Beijing  Building interior lighting  High quality lighting elements
            Rice grain lampShanghai  Architectural detail lightingIt is suitable for making height indicator lights and road lights

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            Address:Geographic Information Industrial Park, Fangzi new area, Weifang City, Shandong Province Sales Hotline:18653686990 13167268392 (same as wechat)
            Tel:0536-7629123 Record No:Lubei 17005436-1