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            Aolian enterprise:Huayi Lianchuang + OSI graphic + Nachuan advertising
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            Shanghai Aolian Digital Technology Co., Ltd

            Address: J, building 1, No. 2222, Huancheng Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

            Tel: 13391396054

            Chengdu xinhongyi Exhibition Co., Ltd

            Address: Zichen • Xiangsong phase III, Jinniu District, Chengdu

            Tel: 13981928700

            Shandong xinhongyi Exhibition Co., Ltd

            Address: No. 286, Nanliu Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao

            Tel: 13167286983

            Weifang Huayi Lianchuang Model Co., Ltd

            Address: Geographic Information Industrial Park, Fangzi District, Weifang City

            Tel: 13167268392

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            Model focus - construction management and data management

            Time:2017-1-11 22:06:38   Author: Click: second

            construction management

            The project department shall be established, and the project manager shall be responsible for the overall construction

            The project department consists of technical director, on-site management, logistics support, safety support, construction department, chassis department, computer drawing department, electromechanical department, woodworking department and many other departments

            Media department, each department has special management personnel

            The personnel of the above project department shall report according to the daily regular meeting, coordinate and arrange the work every week, control the construction progress and quality at any time, and the project manager shall implement it to Party A

            Report in detail every week and solve problems in construction at any time

            Provide excellent and experienced logistics personnel and administrative personnel to provide materials, personnel life, site coordination and other guarantees for the project construction.

            The technical director shall lead the establishment of a special design department to provide excellent design force guarantee.

            The technical director shall coordinate the project manager to establish a perfect quality inspection system to ensure the project quality.

            Site management assists the project manager to manage the overall construction situation, coordinate and clarify the work contents of each part, and obey the allocation.

            After detailed calculation, according to the number of construction personnel and management process designed by our party, we are confident to complete the construction within the scheduled construction period.

            data management

            Collection: divide the areas according to the overall zoning in advance, collect data independently for each area, ask the Planning Bureau to issue relevant certificates, and our personnel will enter the grass-roots level

            Branch offices and departments shall find specific personnel to collect relevant data. After the collection of all divisional data, they shall be submitted to the technical management personnel for unified archiving, numbered and backed up, and then submitted to the

            The production department of each division shall carry out construction.

            During construction: in case of data problems during construction, the archived data shall be verified and rectified in time

            Inspection: when inspection is required in the construction section, the archived data shall be the main basis and submitted to Party A for review

            Update of data: when a certain data is updated, Party A shall deliver the updated data to our collection personnel, replace the original document, sign for filing, and submit it to the construction personnel for construction after backup.

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            Address:Geographic Information Industrial Park, Fangzi new area, Weifang City, Shandong Province Sales Hotline:18653686990 13167268392 (same as wechat)
            Tel:0536-7629123 Record No:Lubei 17005436-1